Meet my gang. We’ve been to our roller coaster ride already. Problems solved and memories treasured. Thats our gang. 

Our group was made last November 7,2012 during freshman years. We didnt expect us to be in one group because at the first week of school,we were like enemies. And we were delivered to the guidance office,Lol. But i think we were meant for each other. God made us to live in this world to unite. We have many similarities to each other like being fancy,lazy,crazy,loud,and etc.We are one for all,all for one. #BnananaMadness

Night life

Throwback San Carlos City Charter Day,Street party with the gang. One of the best experience in my teenage life. #thebomb !!! Didnt try to drink alcohol beverages though because still young i just party dance all night/midnight long!!! :)